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David KudoGreetings
When a food handler certificate class was established in 1998, I’ve been worked as a volunteer for solving the issue about sushi rice abandonment regulation enacted by L.A County Department of Health in California state and LA county. In addition, a new law was legislated to all employee working at restaurants to get the certificate of the food handler license. I was entrusted to conduct the class by chance.

Later, I established Restaurant Association with the distribution companies to repeal the law of the abandonment sushi rice. L.A County indicated that to dismiss the law and enforce new one needs to hear L.A County Department of Health and media and a voice of the general public. Then, to spread about the issue and introduce Japanese foods and culture for American people, I started magazine named Sushi and Tofu. Thereafter many readers, sponsors, and Japanese foods-related people have been helping to me. I deeply appreciate it.

After Japanese food is registered with UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of 2013, Japanese foods are attracting attention more and more. It is said that there are 50,000 -60,000 Japanese restaurants in the world. While many company benefits from spreading Japanese food, many Japanese restaurants run by non-Japanese people and may it be Japanese imitation.

Should we go out to the world more with genuine Japanese foods? Every Japanese cooks already have the knowledge about basic food hygiene like how to cook bonito seared, the cut mackerel sprinkled with salt and then pickled in vinegar, cooking of the sushi, sushi rice, and care for kitchen knife. It may be a mission of Japanese to spread these knowledge to non-Japanese cooks and lift to the level that real Japanese taste.

It supposes to be enabled that Japanese sake could be on and equal basis with wine industry within 5 years if we unify the education-related business of each company and keep introducing Japanese ingredients, skills, information and stimulate study earnest future craftsman.

I hope 2015 will be improve year for Japanese foods and sake with corporate everybody heading to same future.

I wish all Japanese related people will have many more successful years.



それで足りず、寿司飯を捨てつつけるLA郡、衛生局は個別の店舗からの陳情は門前払いで私に依頼が来て、流通各社と相談し、レストラン協会を設立、LA郡衛生局に伺いまして、新しい法律は、衛生局とマスコミと一般大衆の声を聞いて決めると言う事でした。そこで寿司アンド豆腐という名で、アメリカ人向けに日本食文化 紹介を始めました。それ以来、多くの読者、スポンサーの皆様、日本食関係者の方々に大変お世話になりました。心より感謝申し上げます。









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