Media registration

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 Feb 22nd (Sat) , 2020    5:00PM - 8:00PM     Miyako Hybrid Hotel in Torrance


If you are a media company and would like to interview,
please understand the following precautions and pre-register from the form below.

Media that can be registered shall be media personnel who fall under any of the following sections.
  1. Editors, reporters and Cameramans of newspaper publishers and publishers that issue periodicals
  2. Free journalists and writers who have published articles in the above periodicals
  3. Editors, reporters, and staff of Internet news or information site production companies established by corporations
  4. TV program production companies, reporters, and photography staff including cable TV
  5. Radio program production company, reporter, and staff
  6. A writer / Cameraman who has a contract with the above editing / production company or editorial department.
  7. Those who can comply with the following Interview rules
  ※ The following people are excluded.
  • Persons who have personal blogs
  • Business and sales department of media companies
  • Investigation company and securities company analyst
  • Media that interviewed against the rules established by the organizer so far
Interview rules
  1. The person registered at the following form can interview. The person can do that after attaching the name tag given at the reception.
  2. Only registered persons will be accepted at the reception desk, so please present your identity verification documents (employee card, multiple business cards, driver's license).
  3. As a general rule, pre-registration from the following form is required and registration at the venue is not accepted.
  4. All filming at the venue will be possible after wearing and presenting the given name tag.
  5. The shooting range is from the venue, reception, and the appearance of the venue.
  6. Even if you are allowed to interview, if you are requested not to shoot by the subject, you must follow them.